End User Benefits

Simple Modular Solutions delivers warm, draught-proof, healthy homes with a high comfort factor.
It is a ‘fit and forget’ high-quality system that delivers significant reductions in heating costs and maintenance.
Real flexibility of design when it comes to a homes’ layout.

Significant Heating Cost Savings Possible

A standard new-build family house (built to building regulations and with a typical heating system) costs around £1,500 per year to heat. In comparison, given good technical guidance along with good site practice, SMS typically delivers significant annual savings. Independent research studies have demonstrated that our system can allow a typical family to have a home that costs less than £100 per year to heat.

With our technology and design, end users can achieve significant long-term savings offering payback on their initial investment. Current levels of fuel price inflation can only make these savings more substantial.

Key Lifestyle Benefits

Our system provides a very strong structural envelope. This means that the number of internal walls can be minimised, or they can be eliminated altogether. Home owners can therefore specify and enjoy open-plan room layout with few or no radiators. Because our roof systems can deliver roof spaces uninterrupted by trusses, homeowners can also benefit from the extra living space provided by ‘room-in-the-roof’ designs.

Over the life time of a building, our systems strength also allows straightforward re-modelling to take place as the life-style of the occupants’ changes. For example, if a young family has another child then an extra room can easily be created. At a later stage of life, walls can easily be removed for that long-dreamed of snooker or recreation room.

Low Maintenance, Low Carbon Solutions

Because our system provides such a superior level of insulation it reduces the need to install costly renewable energy systems. What’s more, an investment in SMS wall, floor and roof panels will last for the life of the building – unlike renewables that need to be controlled, require frequent maintenance and, often, wholesale replacement during the lifetime of a property. In contrast, the SMS design is a Fit and Forget, Fabric First solution.