Our Vision

To deliver high Quality Affordable homes and apartments and create local employment and training opportunities.

The housing crisis has caused not only a huge shortage in new affordable homes but also the cost of homes to rise beyond many first-time buyers’ budgets.
The lack of trades and skills available has slowed the industry to a near standstill.
At SMS, we aspire to bring back high quality affordable homes and through our ‘Local Volumetric’ approach, employ and train local people to produce their own communities and homes they can not only afford but be proud of.

Our Focus

Our focus for building with modern methods of construction has developed from 25 years’ combined experience.

We’ve identified the waste issues and complicated processes and can now introduce our simple process which eliminates waste and removes excess costs.

By not re-inventing available and proven technologies but by enhancing them, we streamline and even flow delivery and cost certainty.

Our commitment to quality ensures minimal maintenance and enjoyment of the home for many years to come.


Together we can do more. By working hand in hand with private and public clients, we can deliver homes with design and build or supply only capability. Identifying our client’s needs and timeframes allows an ‘even flow’ approach to production and maximises the cost efficiencies created by volumetric construction and economies of scale.

Cost Advantage

Our transparent approach enables SMS to demonstrate to its clients a simplistic cost effectiveness, a manufacturing cost certainty which enables traditional contingencies to be removed and a streamlined pricing model to be adapted. With the introduction of FCA approved ‘Escrow accounts’, there is no need for excessive financial interest payments to be made which allows more profit to be directed at the bottom line.

Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

Through working closely with private developers, local authorities, housing authorities and registered providers, we can quickly identify and evaluate their needs. By employing state of the art technologies, we can focus on the effectiveness and efficiencies of the organisation helping them to achieve their goals. We can then further improve these results with enhanced supplier process and relationships.


All our designs and processes are on point and fit for purpose, producing our clients the products they want in the way they want them. We think out of the box! Modular doesn’t have to be boxed and one dimensional or boring. We can offer our clients a quality structure, which becomes a blank canvas for them to design and we always ensure that we adapt the design to meet national requirements:

  • Unit sizes to meet HCA and London minimum design standards.
  • Fabric and renewable energy upgrades to meet code levels 3 to 6 of the CFSH.
  • Meet the adaption requirements of Life Time Homes compliance.
  • The internal fit out specification to suit RP’s tenure and the Standard Elevations and Fenestration.